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Hey Wonderful Humans!

We do update this site from time to time. . . to see upcoming events, scroll down until you see the words NEXT UP, and that is where the most current happenings will be listed.  If you have heard we are doing an event but don't see it listed on this page or on our calendar link, feel free to email and ask us - we just may not have gotten it up on this site yet! 

Sending love and massive Hugs to Each and All,

Maya & Team
[email protected]


First Ever ZABAZOOM (on-line)
Samhain~Hallow's Eve RITUAL!

More info coming VERY soon!  For now, here is the down and dirty:

Monday, October 31st at 7:45 PM,
for 38 minutes,
we invite you to join us for an on-line ritual with Maya and
Zaba, the 96lb Crystal Skull. 
Mystery, Magick
and Manifestation!! 
mail us at A[email protected]m to be invited and receive preparation instructions.

There will be a ZABAZOOMcheck at 7:15 PM
(for 15 minutes)
for those of you who are new to Zoom and would like to try it out before the ritual, so you may join at ritual time seamless

We look forward to seeing you and your crystal friends in your Powerful, Mgickal Holiday Finest!


Past Events. . .

THANK YOU Pacific Circle Revival Camp Out ~ WE HAD A BLAST!!
June 19th-21st 2015

We are thrilled to be joining Pacific Circle Revival's Pagan Camp Out this year!  Maya will offer a Workshop and Ritual on The Faerie's Blessing.

As Pagans, many of us are careful to follow the Rede:  “An it harm none, do what ye will”.  But can we take this even further, and choose that our actions not only harm none, but bless all?


Learn to open to (or deepen your current abilities to) commune with the Bright Beings of the Faerie Realm.  These Shining Guardians of the Natural World - from the tiniest Flower Faerie to the Greatest of the Arch Angels - love few things so much as to share with us their wisdom, grace, trickster-spirits and deep love when we call on and honor them.


In this Magickal 22-point Blessing Maya will share with you the Magick, fun, joy and peace of the Faerie Realm (from the Gentle Gnomes of the Earth, to the fluid Undines of the Watery Worlds, the etherial Sylphs of the Air and the bright Salamanders of Fire - to the majestic Archangelic Beings of the OtherWorlds) will be invited to join us and work with and through us for the Healing and Blessing of All That Is.

Maya Massar has offered her work and love as a Celtic Solitary Witch, Crystal Priestess & Guardian of Crystal Zaba the 96lb Crystal Skull, Angel Communicator, Shamanic Healing Facilitator, Chakra Catalyst, Ritual Choreographer and Friend of the Fae (Faerie Realm) for over 40 years.  She shares her Love of Growth and Awakening in the form of workshops, rituals, experiential lectures, radio/print interviews and events around the globe.

Maya is also an artist, actor and poet.

Wyrd Con ~ September 24th-27th, 2015 Thank you Wyrd Con Friends for a Fabulous Time!

Calling All Zombies, Ghouls, Fairies, Warriors, ET’s & Halflings to our Den of Alchemy:

Creating, Birthing & Inhabiting


For Page, Screen, Stage, Game or Your Living Room!

Character is the key to Story; A storyline may be full of magnificent twists and turns, but it is the presence of authentically, living, breathing characters that engages our hearts and minds and brings that story to life.

What makes one Pirate just a guy in a great costume and the next a living, breathing being before our eyes? In this workshop, Maya shares with you her actor’s, writer’s, artist’s and Shaman’s techniques for building and inhabiting colossally REAL characters! Whether you write, make things, walk around as your character or just like getting to know beings from other walks of life, this workshop offers you an opportunity to deepen your connection to – and portrayal of – any character you can conjure; If you can dream it, these tools can help you bring it to page or present, living moment!

Maya hopes you will join her in an exploration of body, heart, mind and spirit as tools for awakening the powerful, magical, authentic characters within you.  For information on Wyrd Con, or to register, please visit: (link below).

Maya Massar has been creating vibrantly living, colorful characters of all sorts for most of her life.  You may know her best from her role as “Mother Buckner”, the creepy matriarch of the Zombie Family in Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard’s “The Cabin In The Woods” (or perhaps as Guardian of Zaba, the 96lb Crystal Skull), but Maya has been bringing characters to life in many ways since she began making masks, writing plays and stories and imagining alternative worlds as a small child.  Her love of the deep communion between artist and character has continued to this day. Maya currently lives in Los Angeles and Joshua Tree, CA, where she is grateful to fill her time with Acting, Teaching Character Depth, Communication with non-human realms and beings, offering Shamanic Art Workshops, Death Preparation gatherings, Loving Shakespeare and, among other things, as the “Character Doctor”; writing authentically believable characters that bring life to film and television screenplays.



 Saturday, October 31st, 2015

Crystal Zaba’s Halloween/Day of the Dead/Samhain

Interactive Altar

(11AM~1:30PM & 2:30PM~5PM)

 & Evening Ritual

(9PM, doors open at 8:45)


61595 Twentynine Palms Highway, Joshua Tree, CA. 92252 

Beatnik Lounge

Meet Zaba, the 96lb Crystal Skull!

Cleanse your Heart of all that has kept you from your True Purpose. 

Color a Sugar Skull, write a prayer and honor your Loved Ones Passed On. 

Maya Massar & Keo invite you to our 2015 Hallow's Day-and-Evening Zaba Events;

Our Interactive Altar is child, teen, adult and Wise-One friendly!

Evening Ritual is designed for grown-ups (including those who are kids at heart)!


All Zaba Events are LGBTQ Welcoming.


Visit our Facebook Page:

Crystal Zaba's Interactive Altar & Hallow's Eve Ritual


We are looking forward to seeing/meeting you All!

Blessings & Love,

Maya, Keo (& Zaba)

Midsummer Super Powered Crystal Healing Event

for the Worldwide LGBTQ Family

& All Who Support Unity and Love on Planet Earth

Please join us

This Sunday, June 19th

Event begins 1:30pm, PST

Please feel welcome to attend in person:


The Beatnik Lounge

61595 Twentynine Palms Highway

Joshua Tree, CA 92252


Or from a distance, via Crystal Tune-In:


You may” Tune In” in any way you are intuitively moved to do so, but we have some general Tune-In info on our Full Embodiment Meditations page if you wish to check it out; go to the page, and scroll wayyyy down until you see the big type saying

How to "Tune In"


Specific Tune-In info for this event:


You may Tune In at any time, but for purposes of joining the flow of the afternoon, below is a rough layout of the timeline we expect to be on.


Event Timeline (roughly):


1:30 event begins; Welcome, Opening Prayer, Information on working with quartz, crystal skulls and their powerful energy, Statement of Purpose for our gathering

2:30-ish: preparation for and actual experience of Light Body Activation & Healing Meditation

3:00-ish: Bio Break and preparation for Healing Circle

3:15pm: Healing Circle – Open to the deep personal, global, and universal Healing Energies activated by your own Highest Self in resonance with the Crystaline and Angelic Energies Zaba and her Guardians offer us

5:00pm Gratitude, Blessings & Closure


There will be a suggested donation of $22, to support our venue, costs and donation to our charity for the event, the

Pulse Victims Fund

( )



Special note:

Our venue is going to be
Take a break from the desert heat wave,
relax into a cool Healing Wave instead!

Also, for all of you with a flair for whimsy, we invite you to


(whatever that means to you) in support.

We will have candles available, but please feel welcome to bring your own to light in honor of loved ones, those who suffer, the healing power of love, or for prayers for yourself, Orlando, the Earth, Universe or any being in or on it who is in need of Love.

Second Annual Crystal Skull World Day ~ November 22nd, 2015

Maya and Zaba, the 96 lb Crystal Skull, are delighted once again to be supporting CRYSTAL SKULL WORLD DAY!  

Due to current circumstances, we are offering a live-venue event this year. We ARE, however, opening a powerful grid to assist meditatiors in connecting with one another and the Meditation Wave of Crystal Skull World Day.  TO TUNE IN TO ZABA'S TURBO-CHARGED CRYSTAL CONNECTION GRID, check out our Facebook page with images and instructions by CLICKING THIS LINK!


CRYSTAL ZABA'S FESTIVAL OF LIGHT Imbolc & Candlemas Evening Event ~ February 2nd, 7pm


LEMURIAN MEMORY TOUR ~ February 21-26, 2016

NOTICE: This event is still subject to minor changes and additional info will soon be added. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATEINCE!

  Please check back or join our mailing list for updates as they are posted!

Maya & RAMA, in collaboration with Dzulietta Vilenski of Ponce Tours, LTD, invite you on a Magical, Mystical Journey of Remembering and Awakening!

Five years ago, Dzulietta, a travel agent and tour operator in Puerto Rico,  had a vision to create spiritual healing tours, and specifically, Crystal Skull Healing Tours.  Maya and RAMA are delighted to join Dzulietta in manifesting her vision! This trip is a joint offering - while Maya and RAMA will guide you in Meditation and Sacred Ceremony,  all island tour logistics are in the hands of Dzulietta, who welcomes any travel questions you may have for yourself, your family or group.

Dzulietta has prepared a video for you all about the Skull Tours; take a look and get ready for a most amazing taste of Puerto Rican Rain Forests, Bimini Dolphin Swims, Taino Purification Ceremonies, Ancient Petroglyphs, Sunny Beaches, Starry Nights, Delicious Meals, and of course, Deeply Transformative & Powerfully Healing Meditations, Ceremonies, and Personal Interaction with RAMA, Lemurian Master Skull! 



Contact Dzulietta:  [email protected] ,

Tel : +1-(787) 841-7456,

Ponce Tours, Ltd., PO Box 10112,

Ponce, Puerto Rico 00732, USA

To reach Maya, please visit our CONTACT page.

 LEMURIAN MEMORY TOUR on Two Caribbean Islands!
 with Master Crystal Skull RAMA & Crystal Priestess Maya
 ~ February 16th-21st & 21st-26th, 2016 ~



Recall Your Divine Angelic Inner Warrior


Leave the Cold Behind - Please Join us on the Shimmering Caribbean Islands of

Puerto Rico and Bimini, Bahamas

For 11 Magical, Mystical Days This February!

$1,567 - $1,616

Enter the Powerful, Puerto Rican Rain Forest. Covering some 28,000 acres of land in the Sierra de Luquillo, is the ancient, tropical rain forest known as

El Yunque

The Living Forest; According to legend, here, the good spirit 'Yuquiyu' reigned on his mighty mountain-top throne, protecting the Taino people.  We will begin our journey here, allowing our bodies, hearts, minds and spirits to attune to the living forest and the pulsing life all around us. 

A Purification Ceremony with the Taino Indians, and guided tour of the Sacred Cave Art of the island's first inhabitants highlight this segment of our Caribbean Tour with Master RAMA.

We will honor the indigenous spirits, ancestors, people , animals, plants and stones of Place, share Meditations and Ceremony designed to illuminate and heal ancestral wounds - in flesh or light-body - that have kept you from walking the path your Soul intends for you.  Visits to Chocolate and Coffee making locations, mountains, caves, beaches and a stay in a 3*** hotel are all part of what we know will be an AMAZING JOURNEY of LOVE and GROWTH!


RAMA is a 22 lb, clear quartz being of immense Light.  His messages are of LOVE (as is the message of most of the Stone People who lend their wisdom to the wakening of humanity). Being in the presence of RAMA's energy field can catalyze Soul Memory; the innate wisdom that resides within you, carried in both your cells and within the Light Particles of your being.

You are made, says RAMA, of both Matter and Light; a child of both your blood lines (biological family) and your Angelic Ancestors - those winged beings of light from whom you inherit your bright spirit.  Your ancestral memory holds High Keys to Who and What you are and how you may best walk your Path in this lifetime.

Who am I?
What do I want?
How can I serve?

In Lemurian Times, the Days of MU, we carried the answers to these questions in our very veins; each thought we had, breathe we took, word we spoke or deed we did, we recognized to be either IN or OUT OF alignment with our True Nature and our Souls Purpose. It is time to reclaim this ability, says RAMA, and this is the focus of our work together.

This Journey, whether you join us for one half, the other half or both segments -  to the jewel-like islands of Puerto Rico and Bimini - is designed to allow your Deepest Heart to unfold and your Ancient, Ancestral Wisdom to come forth.

Bimini, Bahamas 2/21-26

In the pristine, crystal-aqua waters of this  charming island, swim one of the most intelligent forms of life on our Planet;


The second segment of RAMA's Lemurian Memory Tour takes place in and off shore of the island of Bimini, Bahamas, and focuses on swimming, communicating with and enjoying the presence of these amazing beings!

We begin with a gentle introduction to the dolphins, dolphin and swimmer etiquette, and general acclimation to this beautiful watery environment. Our adventures will once again take us deep into the realm of Soul Memory - Meditation & Sacred Ceremony with RAMA as our guide, offer highly charged gateways to Soul Healing and Powerful Personal Purpose-Awakening.

Excursions to local sites of interest include the site beleived to have held Ponce De Leon's Fountain of Youth, a Good Wish Bottle Ceremony, delightful beaches and more.

Accommodations are in a 3*** hotel, with lower costs for those who choose to room with others.

RAMA says that Bimini and the surrounding islands and waters are highly charged with the vibrational memory of Lemuria (and many say Atlantis as well).  Our Holy Work here is designed not only to awaken our own cells to Lemurian Memory, but to catalyze healing for all in this area, the world or beyond, who may still hold pain from ancient wounds.

Shine, Dear Hearted Ones, and become the Divine Angelic Warrior you have always been.

One on One Sessions with Maya & Master RAMA

                                                One on One Sessions will be available on both segments of our Lemurian Memory Tour! 

                  RAMA is a skull deeply connected to the watery realms of the Sacred Dreamtime and the airy realm of Mental Expansion:

                                                               RAMA sessions call upon your Dream Body and your Crystaline Mind-Space,

                                                          Awakening both your Light Particle Memory and Cellular Memory to Ancient Times

                             and your Ancestral Recall of All Wisdom your soul has gathered throughout your lifetimes on Earth and beyond

RAMA’s fluid vibrational rate is very much akin (as are many of us who have deep recall of Lemurian times) to that of the

Great Whales and Dolphins.

These cetaceans, according to RAMA, hold memory passed on through millennium from farther back than any human history dates.  Working with the Whales, Dolphins, RAMA or other deep-memory keepers can activate your own.


All RAMA Sessions center around the use of Memory – both Cellular and Light Particle – as tools for Healing, Awakening, and assisting you in Becoming and Living as the Divine Angelic Warrior that your Soul has intended for you to become since before your birth. 
Sessions begin with a brief cleansing and may include use of movement, sound tools, breath-work, voice, scent, visualization and
Crystal Angelic & Cetacean  Communion. 
                                                      You are welcome to be present in your Full Self, exactly and authentically as you ARE. 

One on One Sessions with Maya and RAMA may be scheduled during either or both of the tours.  Sessions can fill up fast once we have time  slots open.  Please contact us to inquire or to reserve your session. 

Energy trade for a one hour session with RAMA on the Lemurian Memory Tour is
(You are never paying for Spiritual Wisdom or Healing; you are supporting Maya & RAMA in making events possible!  WE THANK YOU!)
Thank you.
We look forward to working with you & your crystal friends!

~ Trip Details ~

Puerto Rican Rain Forest 2/16-21

Day 1 - Tuesday, February 16th

Arrive Puerto Rico.
Evening Opening Prayer, Meditation & Welcome Ceremony

Day 2 - Wednesday, February 17t

Morning - Lemurian Prayer and Alignment Mediation with Maya & RAMA

Guided hike - El Yunque

Crystal Skull Meditation with Maya & RAMA - El Yunque mountain top

Evening Sacred Fire, Crystal Meditation with Maya & RAMA

Day 3 - Thursday, February 18th

Visit Sacred Ceremonial Site of Taino Indians; Taino Healing Ceremony lead by Taino Healer
Crystal Skull Meditation with Maya & RAMA
Taino Petroglyph tour, swimming in healing springs of El Yunque waterfalls, springs & creeks.
Evening Crystal Skull Meditation with Maya & RAMA

Day 4 - Friday, February 19th

Visit to Coffee and Chocolate Plantation. (2 hour drive each way).
Lunch served at the Plantation
: One on One Session with Maya & RAMA
Late afternoon rest
R: One on One Sessions with Maya & RAMA
Evening Meditation with Maya & RAMA
Starlight walking tour of the forest.

Day 5 - Saturday, February 20th

Visit to the magical Window Cave - private tour for our group.
Deep-Earth-Darkness Cave Meditation with Maya & RAMA
Visit an other studding cave, by the ocean, where Taino carvings were found
Swimming en route back to hotel.
Evening - REST or One on One Session with Maya & RAMA

Day 6 - Sunday, February 21st

Final Celebration Ceremony & Statement of Lemurian Healing Stance with Maya & RAMA
A). Say Goodbye to new Spiritual Sisters & Brothers.

B).  Travel to Bimini and embark upon the Second Segment of our Journey!

Bimini, Bahamas Dolphins 2/21-26

Day 1 - Sunday, February 21st

Arrive Bimini, Bahamas
Welcome Prayer, Meditation & Blessing Ceremony
Request Spirit permission to connect with the Dolphins
Evening Meditation & Ceremony with Maya & RAMA

Day 2 - Monday, February 22nd - FULL MOON!

Boat ride to Dolphin area - Swim with Dolphins
Meditation with Maya & RAMA & Dolphins (Yes! In the water!)
Back to hotel for rest
One on One Sessions with Maya & RAMA
Evening Meditation & Sharing Circle with Maya & RAMA

Day 3 - Tuesday, February 23rd

Boat ride to Dolphin area - Swim with Dolphins
Meditation with Maya & RAMA & Dolphins (Yes! In the water!)
Back to hotel for rest  - OR

Trip to Rejuvenating Healing Hole believed to be connected to the temples of Atlantis now under the sea (short boat ride to spot where walking tour begins. 2.5 hours) - OR
One on One Sessions with Maya & RAMA
Evening - Sharing and Relaxing under the stars around our beach fire.

Day 4 - Wednesday, February 24th

Once again we are off to swim and commune with the Dolphins & Crystal Skull RAMA, with a possible snorkeling stop at a mysterious place related to the legend of Atlantis.
Afternoon Rest and One on One Sessions with Maya & RAMA
Evening - possible Bio Bay trip
rystal Skull Meditation with Maya & RAMA

Day 5 - Thursday, February 25th

Final swim with the Dolphins & Crystal Skull RAMA, with a stop en route for snorkeling near beautiful coral reef
One on One Sessions with Maya & RAMA, OR
Group trip to local attraction: the place Ponce De Leon found a Fountain of Youth (2 hour trip)
Evening - Prayer Arrow Ritual and  Final Blessing & Celebration around the Sacred Fire with Maya & RAMA

Day 6 - Friday, February 26th

Lemurian Heart World Prayer Offering Ceremony
Say Goodbye to new Spiritual Sisters & Brothers.

Carry the Light Within You and
Share the Blessing of the Divine Angelic Warrior you are with the world!

~ Prayer, Meditation & Sacred Ceremony on RAMA's LEMURIAN MEMORY TOUR ~

Along with the magical tours and trips to caves, mountain tops, beaches and more that are a part of your Tour Packace, Maya & RAMA will be sharing with you Meditations, Prayer & Blessing Ceremonies, Activations, Exercises and Teachings during our time together.  Our magic unfolds organically; Maya & RAMA are working with Crystal Angelic Guidance to design an experience that is specific to each of you and our group energy field.  Therefore, content can't be fully known until the day!  However, here are some of the things you may look forward to:

Welcome Prayer & Blessing Ceremony
Making Room for Your Divine Angelic Inner Warrior; Exercises for Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit
Dance Prayer of MU
Mountain Top Meditation in the Rain Forest, honoring El Yunque
Ancestral Healing (bless and release blood ancestors pain legacy)
Light Family Reunion (recall and reclaim your Angelic ancestry)
Remember  your Lemurian Healing Symbol; offer your Lemurian Heart's Healing Statement
Bond with your Cetacean or Ocean-being Guide
Return to the Womb; Ancient Cave Meditation
Sun Rise Light Eating introduction; The Ancients could survive on a diet of LIGHT for days
In Partnership with Living Crystal; Maya shares tips - talk, listen, open your heart to your crystal friends
Communication with the Plant People; Maya shares tips - talk, listen, open your heart to the Green World
Why Skulls? Discussion on working with carved vs. un-carved crystal
Light Body Awareness & Activation
Personal Crystal "Activation"
Dreaming of MU: Lucid Dream Intro and Preparation (for group dreaming)
Remember and Offer your Lemurian Heart's Prayer for the World
Sacred Task/Shamanic Art object to take home with you.  (Supplies needed will be found in the "What To Bring" section of this into page, below.)

Lodging, Meals and Other Details

Puerto Rican Rain Forest Info

Tour Price: 
A.  Regular DBL room Upper level:  $1,616  USD
b.  Regular DBL room Lover level:  $1,567.  USD
Based on double occupancy.

10% of Tour Price holds your place! (non-refundable)
Remainder is due by November 16th, 2015.

Prices are based on double occupancy.  Contact Dzulietta if you would like to pair up with an other participant!


Shuttle from airport, round trip to hotel

All the transfers in round trip to the group activity locations

Accommodation - 5 nights at the Casa Cubuy Eco Lodge in the Rain Forest!

All Group Excursions (except possible Bio Bay trip)

All Group Crystal Skull Meditations, Ceremonies and Teachings

All Healing Rituals with Taino healers

3 healthy meals each day (menu designed by Dzulietta - we will post it as soon as we have it!)


Air fares

One on One Sessions with Maya & RAMA

Bio Bay excursion

Departure and airport taxes


Any passport, visa or documents

Any activities, transfers or excursion that are not indicated in the tour package

Medical and travel insurance (must have) !!

    Minimum Group size: 12
    Maximum Group size: 20

Bimini Dolphin Tour Info

Tour Price:
A.  DBL Room:  $1,592.  USD

Prices are based on double occupancy. Some rooms may allow 3-4 occupants and this could reduce prices.  Contact Dzulietta if you would like to discuss rooming with others!

10% of Tour Price holds your place! (non-refundable)
Remainder is due by November 16th, 2015.


Accommodation ifor 5 nights 

TV, A/C, coffee maker, free WIFI.

2 meals daily (breakfast and lunch).

Dolphin swim and boat trips for 5 days

All Group Excursions (except possible Bio Bay trip)

All Group Crystal Skull Meditations, Ceremonies and Teachings


Air fares (if continuing from First Segment of Tour, you will be flying from PR to Fort Lauderdale, FL,, and from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Bimini, Bahamas (each of these flights runs roughly $300 USD RT).  If beginning your time with us, you will fly from your home to Florida, then to Bimini, Bahamas. Contact Dzulietta for assistance in planning your trip!)

One on One Sessions with Maya & RAMA

Healing Hole & Fountain of Youth excursions

Departure and airport taxes


Any passport, visa or documents

Dinners (there are plenty of local restaurants in the area.)

Any activities, transfers or excursion that are not indicated in the tour package

Medical and travel insurance (must have) !!

Minimum Group size: 12
Maximum Group size: 20

Tell your Friends!  Bring your Family!  Bring your FAMILY!

Like our LEMURIAN MEMORY TOUR FaceBook Page (coming soon)!

All Maya's Events are



10% of the package price reserves your spot! 

The remainder of the trip cost is due 90 days before (November 16th, 2015)

Reservation deposit is not refundable.

To register, or get more information on TOUR LOGISTICS, please contact

Dzulietta Vienski: [email protected]

Ponce Tours, LTD
P.O. Box 10112
Ponce, PR

Please let Dzulietta know that you were referred to her by Maya & RAMA's website! 


To ask questions about WORKING WITH MAYA and RAMA, please contact us at: 



You MUST have a valid medical insurance policy, which includes emergency medical coverage. Check that your insurance covers total cost, including flights. Please bring a copy of your insurance with you.


This covers you in the event that you have to cancel due to illness, family emergency or situations out of your control.

It’s also possible a Crystal Skull Rain Forest & Dolphin Healing program has to be cancelled due to weather or other adverse conditions out of our control. In the case of any of the above we DO NOT provide refunds, program re–schedules or replacements. Dzulietta, our tour partner and travel agent has worked with the CSA Insurance Group for many years.  CSA covers cancellation by the tour operator due to severe weather.  Contact Dzulietta for details:  [email protected]

Bring Your Own Crystal Skull, Meditation Stone, Sacred Crystal Friends or Objects

Yes!  We ENCOURAGE you to bring your crystal friends!!  Or find one on the beach to work with when you arrive!  Remember, Stones choose YOU, and not the other way around; if you are drawn to a particular stone of any sort, chances are good that that stone has work he/she wants to do with you.  For our work with Master RAMA, please choose stones that feel to you like Heart-Stones; you will know them by the gentle, pulsing sensation you feel in your heart when you hold or think of these stones.  Your stone will be catalyzed and energized during our work together, and will 'remember' (probably better than you do!) all that transpires in your meditations, ceremonies and sessions. Stones are the Great Memory Keepers (along with the Whales & Elephants) and will carry your experience for you when you return home, renewed.

You do not have to have a Crystal Skull!  Bring any crystal or stone - or other sacred object - that you would like to charge with the energy or RAMA, The Rain Forest, or the Dolphin's Love! 

We suggest that you wrap your stone friend in natural, red fabric for safe traveling. 

Please contact us if you have questions.


110V electric system in Puerto Rico the same as in the rest of USA - if traveling from abroad, bring appropriate transformers

Warm clothing for cool nights

Rain gear - it's a rain forest, after all!  (Seriously, there are a couple of hours of hard rain every day - not cold, but very wet!)

Light-weight, quick-drying long pants and long sleeve shirts for hiking

Warm weather clothing - shorts, T shirts, etc. (No fancy clothing needed)

Swim suits, quick-drying socks and undergarments

Waterproof bags for your electronics and medications

Bug repellant, Sun block & Sun Hat

Beach towel (hotel towels are for indoor use only)

Good shoes for hiking in wet, slippery areas (best are water resistant, quick-drying)

Small, day pack 

Water bottle



Any medication you take

Your medical and travel insurance

Your tour voucher

Your passport

*Cash for personal purchases, tips, laundry and and other local purchases 

*Currency used in Puerto Rico is the US Dollar

You can also use US Dollars in the Bahamas. The USD and Bahamian Dollar are of equal value.  (Check  rates for exact exchange: RATES)

We also suggest that you bring a journal and a pencil or pen. (Make sure you bring a zip-lock bag for your journal as the Rain Forest is WET!)

You will be creating a powerful Shamanic Art Task (no worries - NO experience OR 'artistic' abilities needed!)

Supplies needed for Sacred Task Shamanic Art Object:


About MAYA

Maya has been sharing her offerings in the areas of Creativity, Healing and Awakening for over three decades. Her energy is humble, dynamic, exciting, mind expanding and heart-opening. Maya’s lectures, workshops, meditations, sessions & presentations are EXPERIENTIAL in nature and facilitate participants in  discovering new levels of energy, creativity, healing and awakening into the present moment.  This is the intention both Maya and her Crystal Partners (Master Crystal Skull RAMA, and Zaba, the 96 lb Crystal Skull) hold in their hearts and energy fields - as a vision and reality for all of YOU who attend their events.



Recently, Maya's personal Stone Partner, Master Crystal Skull RAMA, has come forth with his teachings on and use of Ancient Lemurian Wisdom and Love, for the purpose of catalyzing Deep Cellular and High Light Particle Memory in all who feel drawn to work with him.  Maya is thrilled to share this energy with you and hopes that re-claiming your Ancestral & Lemurian Memory will be as


Maya has studied crystal work over many lifetimes, and in this one, with a number of shaman and light workers, with indigenous healers of several nations and most importantly to her, with the Stone People themselves.  Using her Shamanic training and teachings from the Dreamtime and the Angelic Realm, Maya’s work with stone & crystal, and specifically quartz crystal has been the most important and, for many years, most private part of her life.  Urged by Zaba and her Angel & Faerie friends to bring her crystal work out into the world, Maya now humbly and joyfully shares with all who ask.


Maya and Zaba’s book, Full Embodiment; Light Body Activation in Partnership with Living crystal,  shares much of what she has learned about working in harmony with crystal , including techniques for how you may enter into your own human-crystal friendship for health, freedom and fulfillment in every area of your life.

No two gatherings with Maya will be the same.  Maya works with the dynamic energetics of those present at a given time and place, the Angelic entities in attendance, and her keen sense of the moment to create a unique experience for every gathering.  Want to invite Maya to share with your group?  Request a workshop from the list or ask about a unique, creative growth and healing experience tailor-made to your group or intention.  Most offerings listed can be adapted to hour long, day long, or weekend workshops or lectures.

You can learn more about Maya by following links on out CONTACT page!

Maya looks forward to meeting, making magic and Light with you, one and all!