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Maya thanks you for your comments, considerations and inquiries.  We get a lot of email - please be patient - someone will get back to you as soon as possible.  In the meantime, we dare you to write a poem for yourself, watch the skies, trees, rivers, sands and seas for the answers your deepest heart seeks; all the world is a mirror of what lies within - take a RISK to hear, see and sing the Song of Your Soul!

This is the site for all things relating to ZABA, the 96 lb Crystal Skull,

Full Embodiment Workshops, Events, One on One Sessions and links.

Here is the site for Maya's Art, Acting, and Writing projects, including photo gallery,  links, Demos and News page.


The Healing Hut site has more information on Alternative Healing, Sexual Abuse support, and submission form for IDEAS from the HUT!

Bless Yourself, Bless the World; We invite you to dd your Prayer Tassel to Zaba's Healing Matt and see what happens!

Here you can see some of Maya's art; if your connections is slow, be patient - there are a lot of images - Enjoy, then go make something!

On this page, Maya shares a view on Alternative Healing, what it is, how it works and how to find the right practitioners for YOU.

This is the blog of RAMA, Lemurian Master Crystal Skull.  Sound strange? Yeah.  Check it out; if you find something that touches you, great! If not, that's just as good.
Maya is not a MODEL by trade, but she has had some fun on a few modeling jobs; look here to see some shots from the Ari Michelson shoot for AARP magazine and the Lindsey Gaia shoot for BagDress.

This page has a lot of information on Maya's Angel Work - Workshops, Readings,  Musings. . ."There is a song", say the Winged Ones "that eternally creates and sustains the Universe. You are not separate from that song.  Learn to hear it, and you are home"

Maya rambles on Crystal Skull Energy.  Read with an open heart and mind, and ALWAYS TRUST YOUR OWN HEART to know what truths are right for you. 

This link takes you to the Internet Movie Data base listing for Maya. Here, you can see some of her Film and Television acting credits.

This blog lists websites that are by, for or about all things Butch & Femme in the worldwide Lesbian Community. Submit a site if you have one you think belongs here!

Visit this link to learn about Chakra Sessions with Maya. Sessions take about two hours and usually leave you feeling calm, energized and reconnected with your Self.

It's what you'd guess: Maya's Poetry page.  Please be patient as this one gets updated only sporadically.  If you don't like Maya's poems, write some of your own!!

This is the page for Survivors for Survivors self help group - though the group is not currently holding sessions, you can scroll down to the "Some Things You Can Do Right Now" section for help. Love and Trust YOURSELF.

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You are welcome to make donations in any amount to further the Crystal, Angel & Healing work Maya offers. One third of all proceeds from this work goes to our First People's & Disaster Relief charities, one third to host venues, and one third to cover our costs. Thank You.

To inquire about Maya's availability for projects for Film & TV, Shakespeare, Prosthetic Work, Performance Capture or to submit fan mail or request photos, please contact Mariko Ballentine at
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